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Less than a week to departure, here is some useful information to get prepared.
ATTENTION! In the next few days you will receive other communications via e-mail, always check the inbox, also in the spam section.
On the website you can find all you need:

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The Gran Trail Courmayeur is part of the qualifying races at the first World Championship of Plogging, which will be held in October in Italy.
The Plogging is a race combined with the collection of abandoned waste, for sports enthusiasts and professional runners, who want to make a concrete commitment to a cleaner environment.
As a runner of the Gran Trail Courmayeur, you will have the right to participate for free in the qualifying for the final stage of the World Championship of Plogging, which will take place in Torre Pellice (TO) from 1 to 3 October 2021. Your qualification score will be calculated based on the length covered and the altitude difference, to which will be added:
  • Time ranking points (maximum race time minus the time obtained = 1 point per minute)
  • Environmental points (avoided CO2) calculated by race commissioners = 1 point per gram of CO
To participate you will have to do nothing more than communicate it when collecting the race package on the day of Friday, July 9: you will receive the necessary equipment (gloves and bag) that you will need to collect the abandoned waste that you will find along the route. At your arrival, all you have to do is to deliver the bags and materials to the organizers to calculate your score. The general ranking will be announced by 31 July.
Full rules are available, along with all organizational information on the sites and or on Facebook and Instagram @ploggingchallengeofficial.
The environment needs you too

Runners enrolled to participate must produce a certification or the Green Pass that witnesses one of the following cases:
  • negative swab carried out not earlier than 48 hours before the race
  • full vaccination programme or first inoculated dose at least 15 days prior to race
  • immunity after healing not more than six months before the race
This documentation shall be submitted at the bib delivery. The same documentation will be required for accompanying persons who wish to enter the race areas.
The documentation may be either paper-based or electronic.
Antigenic rapid swab is also accepted.
We recommend to do it before your departure, in the area there are some licensed pharmacies, it is small town pharmacies, you need to book in advance to be sure to be able to have the swab done.
  • Farmacia di Courmayeur
    Email: [email protected] - Tel. +39 0165 842047
  • Farmacia del Verrand Pré Saint Didier
    Tel: +39 0165 842217
  • Farmacia Dispensario Pre' Saint Didier
    Tel: +39 0165 87658
  • Farmacia di Morgex
    Tel: +39 0165 801000
  • Farmacia la Salle
    Tel: +39 0165 861945


Our team of Alpine Guides, led by Andrea Perrod and Oscar Taiola, is monitoring the snow situation at high altitude. "In the area of the Col de la Seigne and the Col Chavanne, the snow is mostly spring, so soft, locally more compact in the night. Beautiful conditions with snow easy to walk on, the route will be traced on Friday 9"
Further updates will follow

The bib delivery will be inside the hall of the Courmayeur Mountain Sport Center, served by two large free parking squares, Friday, July 9 from 17:00 to 22:00 for all, with another additional slot Saturday 10 from 5:00:30 at 6:30 for GTC55 and from 7:30 to 8:30 for GTC30. Access will be contingent and allowed only to the runner, after presenting the COVID documentation.
What to take with you:
  • the COVID documentation
  • a valid document
  • a copy of the medical certificate
  • GTC55 and GTC100 50€ single banknote for GPS security deposit
  • GTC100 the bag/material to be transported to the base life of Skyway Monte Bianco

ATTENTION! GTC100: For sanitary reasons you will be provided with a plastic bag to store the material or backpack that you want to be taken to Skyway Monte Bianco. During the race, at the life base, you will have to return the material/backpack in the same bag duly closed.


The life base of the GTC100 will be at the station of the Pavillon du Mont Fréty in Skyway Monte Bianco.
Each runner is entitled to a companion, therefore you will receive in the race package a coupon valid for the collection of the ticket at office desk of Skyway Monte Bianco valid for the day of the race.
The first ascent is at 6.30, the last descent from the Pavillon du Mont Fréty, on the occasion of the GTC will be  exceptionally at midnight.
The coupon entitles one person to free entry, limited to the ascent and descent to the Pavillon du Mont Fréty. For those wishing to visit the entire structure, the Pavillon - Punta Helbronner tariff is 29€ to be paid at the time of delivery of the coupon. All information and rates are available here.

You can reach the station of the Pavillon du Mont Fréty also walking on a route of about 4km and 900mt of altitude difference along the race route, from Pontal station or La Palud village. ATTENTION in this case always give priority to runner.

From Friday 9 July to Sunday 11 July, at the Courmayeur Mountain Sport Center, visit our sport expo.

You can learn about, test and buy the articles of the sponsors and partners of the Gran Trail Courmayeur.

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Pica is the app that allows you to receive photos and videos of your race, along the way there will be photographers used exclusively for this service. The system works by recognizing the bib number, remember to keep it always in sight.
After the race you will receive an email as soon as the photos are ready, with all the instructions to download.